#TBT – The Kardashian Clan

The famous and very wealthy Kardashian family is America’s most watched family – they are everywhere! Each member of the family makes millions upon millions of dollars and they should all thank Kim for putting them on the map. If it wasn’t for Kim, this family would just be living a normal well-to-do life in California instead of being fashion icons and traveling all over the world. Their show Keeping Up With The Kardashians is very popular and has had 11 seasons so far. The show features the family going through their daily routines and people cannot get enough! They are not only reality tv stars, but they also have other side businesses as well. For example, the Kardashians have their own clothing line, diet line, modeling gigs, apps, and much more. They truly have created a brand name that continues to leave a legacy everywhere they choose to go.

Here are some pictures before they blew up and were put on the media spotlight.