The Future Girls Of The Kardashian Dynasty – North & Penelope

North West and Penelope Disick are on their way to becoming the next big celebrities of the Kardashian dynasty. The girls are already grabbing global attention through their adorable looks and friendship! The cousins are always seen together living a fabulous life most of us could never imagine living.

Just last night Kim Kardashian posted the cutest picture on her social media of the pair! The girls were wrapped in towels after bath time, staring at each other while Nori reaches out her sweet baby hand to touch Penelope’s face. If it’s not the cutest thing you have ever seen, I don’t know what is!!

The sweet little babes are definitely best friends forever! They do absolutely everything together – they take ballet classes, go on road trips, have sleepovers, and are becoming inseparable! It’s rare to see one girl without the other these days.

We think these cuties are on the track to outshine their mothers as they get older and continue to build the million dollar Kardashian brand that they were born into. Both of the girls are already dressing in high fashion gear – in fact, Nori met with Italian designer and stylist Riccardo Tisci when she was just 6 months years old!

Here is a collection of Nori and Penelope doing their celebrity kiddo thang!



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