Kim Kardashian’s Selfies

As you might already know, Kim Kardashian the “selfie photographer” came out with a book this year called “Selfish” and it was a hit with all of her adoring fanz. Kim Kardashian said she got the idea in August 2014 when she was making a personal and naughty photo-book for her husband, Kanye West. In her own words on Keeping Up With The Kardashian she stated ” I couldn’t think of what to get Kanye (for Valentine’s day) and so I was like, ‘All guys love it when a girl sends them sexy pics, so I had my assistant Stephanie get a Polaroid and we were taking photos around the entire house… making this cool book, and it ended up turning out so cool, we came up with this idea to do a selfie book.”

Although some haters out there claim that this is a “vile” and “narcissistic” book that teaches the younger generation to be egotistical – we love it! We think it’s a cool experiment and a piece of art! It was named was one of the best coffee table books you could ever have in many different magazines. Here is a collection of the gorgeous Mrs. Kardashian West taking lots of selfies.