North West Shows Signs Of Future Fashionista

North West is quickly growing up and getting more beautiful each day! This little mega-star in the making is blessed with her momma’s eyes and her daddy’s bold cheekbones – there’s no doubt she is already a model baby. According to Mrs. Kardashian, North West picks out her own clothes and hates the color pink – is Kimmy nuts or is this little baby a little diva already?! Either way, there is no arguing that Kimye’s baby is a future fashionista and trendsetter in the Hollywood world.

The question is, will North West choose to be a fashion icon like her mom when she grows up, or will she thrive in the music industry like her father? With strong connections in both worlds, it is highly possible she will delve into each industry flawlessly. Good luck, Baby Kimye – although you don’t need it!