Have Sex with Kim Kardashian in Virtual Reality!

Vivid Entertainment is at it again, this time bigger and better. This time the porn studio has released the 2007 infamous sex tape as “The Kim Kardashian Superstar Experience” that allows viewers to experience the sex film using the latest technology. Yes, the same tape that turned Kim and her ex-boyfriend Ray J famous.

When the infamous sex tape was released back in 2007, Kim sued Vivid Entertainment for its leakage but later withdrew the lawsuit after settling for millions of dollars in compensation. As a result, Kim would later rise to fame, and today, she is a well-known reality star cum entrepreneur.

Vivid Entertainment has worked on the virtual version of the sex tape in a completely new way and aims to capitalize on Kim’s current popularity. Just like the infamous tape, the Kim K Virtual Reality sex tape is also expected to attract many viewers.

Kim K VR experience
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The tape has scenes from the original version and scenes that feature Kim’s virtual lookalike pleasuring herself. Vivid claims the film enables fans to interact virtually with Kim, one of the most notable pop culture figures of this era. It is not clear if Kim is involved in this idea of the virtual tape being online again. Nevertheless, Kim is now used to sex and nudity spotlight, and it might not be such an issue for her today. It remains an intelligent and bold move for Vivid Entertainment because people never seem to get satisfied with Kim’s life.

The pornography industry stands to benefit with the adoption of Virtual Reality sex because it allows viewers to interact with the content virtually. Virtual Reality porn has never been a mainstream thing until this year due to its growing support on E3 events. Today, various companies have launched several VR headsets and the prices are pocket-friendly for most people.

So much has changed since Kim’s sex tape was released in 2007. Today, she is married to Kanye West. Although Kanye West is not bothered by his wife’s past, it has to be weird knowing men are in a VR experience fucking your wife!