Did Paris Hilton Convince Kim Kardashian To Make A Tape With Ray J?

Everyone knows Paris Hilton had a sex video of her own before Kim Kardashian appeared in her life, it was named ‘One Night In Paris’. This has made many people believe that she had something to do with pushing Kim to make a tape with Ray J back in 2008. According to sources, Hilton wanted to make Kardashian as famous as her, therefore she told her a sex scandal with a R&B rapper would get her all the attention she needed. Kim took her advice and made the tape ‘Kim K Superstar’ that was sold to Vivid Entertainment. Well, you know, the rest is history, as well as there frienship…

The end of their infamous friendship began when Paris became viciously jealous when Kardashian’s film became more popular than her’s. She also was pissed that Kim and her whole family were offered millions to make a reality show. She couldn’t handle that overall Kim was now the center of attention and she no longer could control her friendship with her. The two ended up getting in a huge fight and never talking again. How terribly sad.



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