Kim K’s Most Popular Tumblr Ass Photos Revealed

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Tumblr is known for having the best photos of celebs online. Therefore, we have collected the hottest Kim Kardashian Ass Tumblr photos you have ever seen. These photos are gems that somehow have slipped through the cracks and haven’t gone viral.

We have an amazing collection of Kim’s famous booty that you can check out here, but these ones below are newer ones that have surfaced on the popular social media site.

Take a gander….

BOOM. I’d tap that.


Kim at the dry-cleaner’s showing off that booty in yoga pants…


MMMM!!! I’d love to pound that booty!


Cheetah print looks damn nice on that ass!


That ass is a dime piece!


Look at that naughty look, she knows her booty is everything.


Bum looking classy as hell.


Oh shit!


That booty so big it blocks out those ocean waves…




I see you, baby.


The grand finale is grand. To See More Photos oF Kim Kardashian’s Incredible Booty…


Fuck you, Kanye! We hate that you get to pound this beautiful piece of heavenly ass every night.


Kim Kardashian Sexy Body Has It All – Details On Height, Weight, And More

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Kim K’s body is a Californian dream that is voluptuous and sexy. The busty 35 year old has been turning heads and knocking men to the ground with her big ass. This beauty is about 5ft 2 1/2 inches and weighs about 143 pounds, according to healthy celebs. She gets the exotic feature from her Armenian father and her curves from her mama who has French, German, Dutch, and English in her. This gorgeous brunette is constantly on the tabloids for her amazing outfits that show off her insane figure – it’s hard to keep your eyes off of her tiny waist and her big booty, how in the world is that even possible to have a bod like that? It’s truly God’s gift to us all.

Kim’s boobs are about a 34D which makes her curvaceous body even more incredible. Her tits are always somehow looking perky too…

We’ve gathered some photos that will make you marvel at this insanely gorgeous creature below.












It’s easy to see why photos of Kim’s naked body always goes viral on the internet. Just recently she posted a naked twitter photo of herself that caused an insane amount of controversy – most people loved it, while others criticized her for being a terrible influence to young women. We think Kim should keep rocking her hot body, and the people who hate her are just jealous of her fame and fortune.

Most Popular Photos of Kim Kardashian’s boobs

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Kim Kardashian West’s gorgeous ass is infamous all on it’s own, but people fail to mention her glorious titties – those watermelon boobies deserve some limelight as well. This is why we decided to dedicate this article to some of her most popular boob photos of all time. If you have an obsession with her ass, after this you also will have one with her amazing ta-tas. It will be impossible to get your mind off of them – they are every man’s dream – the perfect shape and the right amount of bounce to get the imagination flowing. Just take a look for yourself below.













To See More Photos Of Kim’s Gorgeous Nude Body…

In other Kim K news, there are reports that her and her hubby (Kanye West) have finally moved out of Kris Jenner’s home and are now living in their Bel-Air mansion. The couple spent about years living with the “momager” and North has been getting used to having grammy around all the time. Oh well, I bet her basketball court, swimming pool, movie theater, and bowling alley will keep her mind off of it…

Naked Twitter Photo Of Kim Kardashian Goes Viral

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The legendary Kim Kardashian shared a very sensual and naked photo on twitter late Sunday night on the very popular social media platform Twitter. The photo unsurprisingly has created a big fiasco on the internet the last few days, everyone is talking about it and so are the Kim K haters. Bette Midler, Piers Morgan, and Chloe Grace Moretz were among the group of people who took to twitter to comment on their disdain for Kim’s latest and new nude online.

As usual, Kim had the support of her family to defend her in the virtual world. Khloe, Courtney, Kylie and Kendall all posted photos or tributes to Kim and highlighted her success. And why wouldn’t they? Kim has helped them become very rich by helping grow the Kardashian brand and scoring a reality tv show for them which became one of the most watched television shows ever.

Kim usually doesn’t backlash at haters, but this time the inner Kanye came out in her when she took to twitter to fight back. She wrote snarky comments back to Bette, Piers, and Chloe – those remarks are almost as popular as her naked pic… almost. Mr. West was probably proud of his wife for following his footsteps and lowering to his level.

See Kim’s responses below:





kim- 2729336a

Kim Kardashian Pays Tribute to Her “Guardian Angel” & Late Father Robert For His Birthday

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If you know anything about Kim Kardashian, you know that she was extremely close to her late father Robert Kardashian. From the beginning of Kim’s fame, she has given credit to her dad for all of her accomplishments and instilling a work ethic in her that has made her successful today. Yesterday it was his birthday and she wrote the sweetest tribute to him on social media.

She said: “Happy Birthday Dad! I can’t believe you would have been 72 today. So much has gone on in our lives since you’ve been gone, and I know you have been my guardian angel seeing everything unfold! I love you and miss you so much!”

That’s not the only thing she did on his special day – she also FINALLY shared a picture of Saint West in honor of her father. She wrote: “Today is my dad’s birthday. I know there’s nothing more in the world he would have wanted than to meet his grandchildren. So I wanted to share this pic of Saint with you all.”

Below are the adorable pictures of Mr. Kardashian and her baby boy, Saint.



Blake Lively’s Naked Body Is Fucking Hot

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blake+lively+nude 2139

Blake Lively is definitely one of the beauties in the Hollwood land that got her icloud photos leaked because there is no way she would let this picture into the hands of the media. I feel bad for her, but I do not feel bad for us! Look at how perfect she is! Look at that yummy ass – it’s unbelievable! Fuck Ryan Reynolds, he gets to put his dirty paws all over that gorgeous body every single day. And we cannot forget to mention those boobies, they are the perfect size with the perfect nipple shape. That blonde beauty defintely has one of the best bodies in the world. MMM!

Ariana Grande’s Naughty Bathroom Selfie

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ariana+grande+nude 3131

Pop star and global music sensation Ariana Grande made headlines for this dirty bathroom selfie that came out to the public. As you can tell by the picture above, Ariana has the sexiest tiny body you and I have ever witnessed. She definitely has a bangable body that screams “fuck me”. She’s always showing it off in her tiny mini-skirts and tight dresses, but now you can see what a dime she is underneath it all too. Although her boobs are pretty small, she still looks gorgeous. Big Sean was an idiot to ever let that gorgeous honey go.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Welcome Baby Boy Saint West!

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According to some close sources of the Kardashian-West family, Kim K gave birth to a baby boy this past weekend. Although she is thrilled about the baby, she has reportedly said that it was the “most painful experience ever”.

During birth Kim had something called “placenta accreta”, which is a condition where the placenta grows too deeply into the uterus. It made her birth more difficult and she needed 2 doctors there to deal with the placenta problems. Despite all these complications, Kim still managed to have a natural birth! Way to go, girl!

Besides all the birth drama, the couple Kimye have named their precious son Saint West, according to her website. She updated the site a few minutes ago with: “To our fans. Saint West. 12.05.15. 8 pounds, 1 ounce”. Finally, the guessing game can be over!

As for North, is she prepared to share the limelight with a baby brother? According to Kim’s website, they have been preparing Norie for the arrival of her new sibling. Mrs. West wrote on her site: “We read books with her about getting a baby brother and a new sibling all the time! We always say goodnight to baby brother” – how sweet is that?!

Now the family of 3, will be a family of 4! Saint is one lucky little guy to be born into rich and fame. He will certainly have all of life’s luxuries! I bet Kanye already has a closet full of the most stylish clothes and shoes for the little man. Congrats Kanye and Kimmy!


Kim Kardashian’s Little Sisters Beat Her For Most Popular Posts On Instagram

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Yes, Kim Kardashian is known to be number 1 on Instagram with the most followers world wide, but in 2015, Kendall and Kylie both beat their older half-sista for the most popular posts on Instagram. We wonder if Kim is mad about this? Also, we still have the whole month of December for her to try and get the most popular post – the game ain’t over yet!

All 3 of the beauties get millions of likes for every post they share on the social media app and it’s crazy to see. The Kardashian-Jenner crew have a loyal fan base that loves to share in all of their memories through the virtual world. In this article, we will go down the top 5 most popular instgrams this year. A few of these go out to our girl, Tswift who had such a huge following as well.

No. 1: Kendall Jenner with her crazy heart hair photo. What would have thought this would be the most “liked” picture on the social app.



No. 2: Well, Kim’s husband made Tswift get the numero dos spot by sending her a crazy floral arrangement to her.



No. 3: This spot, once again, is Tay Tay with her lover and famous DJ boyfriend Calvin Harris having lots of fun on a beach somewhere.

images (2)

No. 4: Once again, people can’t get enough of Taylor Swift and her social media account. The 4th most popular picture is her and her adorable cat Meridith. There are lots of cat peeps out there, obviously.

download (3)


No. 5: This spot goes out to the baby Kardashian-Jenner, Kylie. I guess people were super stoked she graduated from High School.

2D312E9800000578-3264689-The fifth most popular Instagram post came from Kylie Jenner the-a-4 1444312991177

As an added bonus to this blog post, we decided to share Kim’s most popular photo ever because we didn’t want to leave the internet queen out. Her most popular picture is of her and Kanye sharing a sweet kiss against an extravagant wall of florals on their special wedding day. It really is an incredible photo.


Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 11 Premiere – The Details

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If you’re a huge Kardashian-Jenner fan you already know that the Season 11 Premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired last night and boy did it have a lot of drama going on! Although we are not really surprised because this family is known to always have a little drama sprinkled in their everyday life!

First let’s start with the Jenner sister drama. Kylie and Kendall are very close in age and are the youngest siblings on the show so of course they are going to battle once in awhile. While at St. Barths for their annual family trip, Kydizzle decides to invite her boyfriend Tyga. Kendall gets super annoyed and says “really looking forward to this trip to hang out with you.” – hinting that she wasn’t pleased that the rapper was invited.

Kenny and Kylie end of having a dumb feud about a dress Kylie wouldn’t let her sis borrow. Later after that fight settles, Caitlyn Jenner asks Kendall in a worried matter what’s the “deal” with the Kylie and Kendall responds immediately saying that “She doesn’t have her priorities straight and I tell everyone that.” – Ouch! I guess the sisters are having a hard time getting along lately.

The main drama on the show is once again Kourtney and Scott’s dying relationship. Unfortunately, this couple can never seem to get it together! They are constantly battling and Scott is continuously fucking shit up by flirting with other girls and his drinking problem. You can tell that poor Kourtney is getting absolutely exhausted by his behavior and so is the rest of the Kardashian click. Kim and Kris have a gentle conversation with her about the issue and Kourtney says: “Let’s look at the bright side. Now I have a huge closet guys”.

Later in the show Khloe and Kris take Kourtney out for some drinks and Corey Gamble (Kris Jenner’s new lover) was there too. He even proceeded to give the lovely Kourtney some advice and letting her know that he has some basketball players he can hook her up with. Kourtney said she is not ready to date and is going to focus on her children because that is the most important thing in her life, obviously.

Although Kourtney is going through a rough time, the mom of 3 has been also busy doing some modeling herself. She ends up stripping down for Brian Bowen Smith’s Metallic LIfe series and looks very seductive in the shoot. The girl definitely has a hot body! Even in the summer vacation trip she took with her family, Kourtney gets hit on by a stranger and leaves Kendall saying “I just don’t think Kourtney realizes how bomb she is right now”. Well, we hope Kourtney starts feeling better soon and leaves Scotty boy behind!

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