Kim Kardashian’s Selfies

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As you might already know, Kim Kardashian the “selfie photographer” came out with a book this year called “Selfish” and it was a hit with all of her adoring fanz. Kim Kardashian said she got the idea in August 2014 when she was making a personal and naughty photo-book for her husband, Kanye West. In her own words on Keeping Up With The Kardashian she stated ” I couldn’t think of what to get Kanye (for Valentine’s day) and so I was like, ‘All guys love it when a girl sends them sexy pics, so I had my assistant Stephanie get a Polaroid and we were taking photos around the entire house… making this cool book, and it ended up turning out so cool, we came up with this idea to do a selfie book.”

Although some haters out there claim that this is a “vile” and “narcissistic” book that teaches the younger generation to be egotistical – we love it! We think it’s a cool experiment and a piece of art! It was named was one of the best coffee table books you could ever have in many different magazines. Here is a collection of the gorgeous Mrs. Kardashian West taking lots of selfies.

Kim K’s Booty

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Everyone knows that the thing that made Kim Kardashian the most famous woman on earth is her beautiful bodacious booty! No one else on this planet can compete with that jiggly perfectly rounded ass. Sure, there are rumors that her ass is fake, but we can assure you that it’s not. Her ass is definitely out of this world, but somehow the universe blessed her with something truly remarkably curvaceous and yummy. ┬áKim’s petite figure with that juicy bottom is desired universally by men all around the world.

Of course, Mrs. Kardashian West knows that her ass is wanted globally. Last year she even posed butt-naked in the spread issue for Paper magazine – the photo was a viral hit! How could it not be though? The girl has the smallest waist and those cheeks behind her will definitely go down as history as one of the most insane high-profile butts of all time. People who are fanz of asses everywhere will tell you that Kim K’s ass is better than Nicki Minaj’s and Jennifer Lopez’s best “asset”. She clearly blows them out of the water, and here is a gallery proving just that! Good Lawdy, it’s delicious!!

#TBT – The Kardashian Clan

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The famous and very wealthy Kardashian family is America’s most watched family – they are everywhere! Each member of the family makes millions upon millions of dollars and they should all thank Kim for putting them on the map. If it wasn’t for Kim, this family would just be living a normal well-to-do life in California instead of being fashion icons and traveling all over the world. Their show Keeping Up With The Kardashians is very popular and has had 11 seasons so far. The show features the family going through their daily routines and people cannot get enough! They are not only reality tv stars, but they also have other side businesses as well. For example, the Kardashians have their own clothing line, diet line, modeling gigs, apps, and much more. They truly have created a brand name that continues to leave a legacy everywhere they choose to go.

Here are some pictures before they blew up and were put on the media spotlight.

Nude Photos

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Kim Kardashian West is no stranger to getting naked in front of the camera – the girl practically shows off her body for a living and makes millions doing it. She knows her body has become a sex symbol in today’s world.

How can someone be as perfect as Kim?! She has all the right curves, in all the right places – her ass and boobs are definitely her best assets! Kanye is one lucky man!! Even when she is prego, she still looks fucking amazing. Here is a nude collection of the social media queen in honor of her beautifully crafted body.


Mrs. West

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Kim and Kanye started dating in the Spring of 2012 and welcomed their first child (North) into their lives in June of 2013. The famous couple got married in May of 2014 and now have another child due in December 2015. Kanye has no problem telling the world how much he is in love with his gorgeous wife and Kim is always bragging about how her husband spoils her to death! Although this is the 3rd marriage for Kim, it seems that she has truly finally found the love of her life. The pair lives an extraordinary life in California and are always super busy with their celebrity events, but they always seem to make time for each other. Here is a gallery of pictures of Kimye being the fabulous couple that they are.

The Future Girls Of The Kardashian Dynasty – North & Penelope

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North West and Penelope Disick are on their way to becoming the next big celebrities of the Kardashian dynasty. The girls are already grabbing global attention through their adorable looks and friendship! The cousins are always seen together living a fabulous life most of us could never imagine living.

Just last night Kim Kardashian posted the cutest picture on her social media of the pair! The girls were wrapped in towels after bath time, staring at each other while Nori reaches out her sweet baby hand to touch Penelope’s face. If it’s not the cutest thing you have ever seen, I don’t know what is!!

The sweet little babes are definitely best friends forever! They do absolutely everything together – they take ballet classes, go on road trips, have sleepovers, and are becoming inseparable! It’s rare to see one girl without the other these days.

We think these cuties are on the track to outshine their mothers as they get older and continue to build the million dollar Kardashian brand that they were born into. Both of the girls are already dressing in high fashion gear – in fact, Nori met with Italian designer and stylist Riccardo Tisci when she was just 6 months years old!

Here is a collection of Nori and Penelope doing their celebrity kiddo thang!



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Prego Kim Kardashian Is Taking A Break And Kanye Is Stepping Up To Help!

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It seems that Kim Kardashian is always raving about her hubby Kanye West and the social media queen has a lot of good reasons to! Not only does Kanye spoil her to death by surprising her with luxurious events (renewing vows in the Eiffel Tower) or buying her nice things (3 million dollar engagement ring) – the man also takes good care of their daughter North, especially when Kim is too exhausted to do anything! He was recently spotted taking baby North to her ballet class while prego Kim took a break from being mommy.

Mrs. West recently gave her fanz an update of her 8th month check up on her blog. She said she is nervous because the baby is “so big”, possibly hinting that she might need a c-section. People forget how small Kim actually really is. She stated on her blog: My doctor wants me to manage it better, but it’s hard to! I have gained more than I did the first pregnancy. I’m up 52 pounds so far, with six weeks to go.”

In other Kardashian news, Kardashian fanz are remembering that just a year ago around this time Kim’s ass broke the internet when she bared it all for Paper magazine. It was the year’s most tweeted picture. The photographer, Jean-Paul Goude, shot the pictures in Paris. The picture created a internet frenzy, memes and parodies. A close source of the Kimye couple said that Kanye “loves it”, but how can he not? His lady looks absolutely stunning in the photographs that caught the world’s attention.






Kim’s Baby Sis Kendall Jenner Flaunts Her Camel Toe At The VSFS!

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Remember when Kendall Jenner was just a little teenager who had dreams of being a runway model?! Well, her biggest dream came true when she was able to walk the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! She is officially the youngest VS angel in all history at just 20 years old. Unfortunately for her, there was only one thing that went wrong during the show – her camel toe was apparent to anyone who was staring right at her crotch, which was probably all of the millions of viewers! No one is complaining about it though!

Let me just say that she did a fine job walking the line and she did not disappoint. She looked extremely sexy in the tight little lace panties that showed her camel toe in an open display for all the audience to see. We cannot deny that Kendall’s camel toe looks pretty normal – her vagina lips are just the right size.

On the runway she made sure to show off that perky booty too, althought it’s not as big as her sister’s Kim’s. Unfortunately, the TV network will probably edit out the good stuff when it goes on air, but good thing we have some pictures below!

Kenny also looked super hot at the Victoria Secret party event wearing a see through dress that was perfectly formed to her perfect little body. Of course, the TV reality star was not afraid to bare it all by not wearing any panties and showing off her nice nipples! Take a gander below to see what we are talking about!

kendall jenner23

kendall jenner33


kendall jenner7

kendall jenner17

kendall jenner4

kendall jenner2

Kim Had To Be Sewn In Her Dress For Her Mother’s 60th Birthday Bash!

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As you probably all know, the fabulous Kardashian family got all fancy for their beloved mother and her 60th gatsby themed birthday bash. It was a gorgeous affair with luxurious decorations and over flowing champagne! Kris Jenner was totally surprised and thrilled, but how did the prego Kim pull off the celebrity filled night?

Well, for starters, Mrs. Kardashian West had to be sewn into her 1920’s silver dress! No wonder she looked absolutely incredible in her gown! The stunning beauty wasn’t going to let her curvacious pregnant belly stop her from looking amazing for mama’s special day.

Kim and her sisters made sure the party was nothing but specatacular for their sweet mother (who also manages their booming careers). Of course, in typical Kardashian style, they made sure their momager’s famous friends were there to celebrate her big day. The list of celebrities included Will and Jada Smith, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, and Tina Knowles.

El DeBarge and David Foster performed a special duet for Kris while her daughters danced with her! At the end of the song, her boyfriend Corey Gamble also got a chance to dance with her too. Another special performance was made by Kanye West (son-in-law) and Charlie Wilson.

The night was filled with special moments such as a cannon that spit out lots of confetti, but what made Kris Jenner’s night the most was the paraody video made by her daughters. The creative sisters recreated a 1985 music video of “I Love My Friends”, which Kris made when she turned 30 as a way to embarrass her for fun. It was so sweet and hilarious!

The roaring twenties themed party was a complete success. Just in case you’re wondering, the Kardashian-Jenner sisters hired celebrity event planner Mindy Weiss. The extravagant floral design was made by Jeff Leatham. The Art Deco inspired decor was from Revelry Event Designers.

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Kim Kardashian’s Sexy Sister Kendall Turns 20! See All The Hot Pics From The Bash!

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Kim K’s hot baby sis turned 20 years old! The sexy Kendall Jenner sure knows how to throw a fun filled birthday bash for all her celebrity friends. Everyone knows that the model is very well connected with some of the hottest celebs in the industry. The beauty queen’s best friend is Gigi Hadid for crying out loud, and she was actually the first babe to show up at Kendall’s bash, which was located at The Nice Guy in Weho.

Some other hot celebs that showed up were Drake, Ruby Rose, Tyga, Lil Za, Jaden Smith, and the handsome Miguel. Of course, Kendall’s famous siblings also were present. Kylie was there looking as fly as ever with short black hair and bangs. Khloe stepped away from Lamar Odom’s side and also made an appearance to celebrate here sista. Kim and Kanye made a fierce entry with Kim wearing a tight sequin dress showing off her pregnant belly. Kourtney, the oldest sib and mom of 3, was also there looking as pretty as ever. We are not sure if her estranged husband Scott was there or not.

Kim Kardashian made sure to share an instagram birthday picture with Kendall and wrote the sweetest message stating: “Happy Birthday to my little Kenny!!!! You’re not a teenager anymore! I love you so much and am so proud of everything you have accomplished and the person you have become!”. Kim, as always, as super supportive of her sisters in every occasion of their luxurious life.

In other Kendall Jenner news, reliable sources have confirmed that she will be cat walking that beautiful body at the Victoria Secret Fashion show. Gigi Hadid will also be joining her on the run way. Kendall is really making a name for herself in the modeling world, she is currently on a massive billboard in NYC modeling for Calvin Klein. The girl is definitely the “it” girl of our time and it looks like things will only go up from here for her!

Happy Birthday, Kenny!! May your 20’s be as amazing as your “teenage” years.

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