Khloe Kardashian’s Curvy Body Is Looking Just As Bangin’ As Kim’s These Days

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Everyone is taking notice of Khloe Kardashian and her bangin’ body these days – it is looking healthier and sexier than ever! The tabloids are stating that Khloe is definitely Kim’s new competition (as well as Russian Anastasiya Kvitko), some people even say that her bod is already hotter than her more famous sister.

There is no doubt that Khloe is bringing her “A” game recently, but has her hotness already surpassed Kimmy’s? Check out the sisters below and compare for yourself…

khloe ass 2

kim ass 4

Khloe ass

kim ass 3

khloe ass 3

kim ass 2

khloe ass 4

kim ass

Damn, it’s hard to choose which sister is better – we’ll take them both!

How did Khloe become so sexy so quickly?! Well, the blonde Kardashian is known lately by her family as the “workout queen” and that she is obbsessed with the gym. They have made remarks on the Keeping Up With The Kardashian Show that she goes to the gym a couple times a day and then when she comes home she does a few more work outs. Now that’s some serious fitness dedication.

In other Kardashian news, the sisters might compete for the spotlight, but they are sticking together when it comes to the recent drama with Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. The two recently have been supportive about Blac’s pregnancy, they have even credited Ms. Chyna for getting Rob out of his “shell” and making him more comfortable in front of the cameras.

Although things seem to be going extraordinarily great for Rob and Blac, there has been news that their rival couple Kylie and Tyga have broken up again. The Kyga couple has broken up several times before and gotten back together so everyone isn’t taken the gossip too seriously yet. Do you guys think they’ll get back together? We think Kydizzle should get rid of that guy for good.

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Meet Anastasia Kvitko: The Russian Kim Kardashian Who Wants To Break The Internet

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Anastasia Kvitko has been dubbed the Russian Kim Kardashian by her loyal fan base. This curvy beauty is famous for her insanely shaped figure, she is a glorious 38-25-42 body type to be exact. This gorgeous woman is from Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast region which is located on the western side of the country.

When Anastasia first started her modeling career she was told that her size was “too big” and many agencies would not give her the chance. She tried everything she could to lose the weight, but when she failed she decided to embrace her bodacious figure and make it her trademark instead. With the help of social media and an agency that believed in her, she is now making a mark in the cruel industry of modeling. This fine woman now has more than 3 million followers on instagram!

Well, how does Kim K feel about the foreign competition? Some rumors say she is sick of women trying to copy-cat her every look, but others say she hasn’t even commented on the issue. We don’t believe the rumors because Kimmy is all about being supportive of her fellow females these days, especially with Emily Ratajkowski and Amber Rose.

How does Kvitko feel about being compared to the world famous Kardashian? Well, this lady is filled with enormous confidence, she has been telling the tabloids that she thinks she is better looking than Kim. Damn, I guess she is only beautiful outside and out! Kardashian may have another enemy to add to the list…

In our opinion, this 22 year old Russian hottie is definitely fine as hell, but she is still far from looking as sexy as Kimberly who has a more natural curvacious body than Ana (check out her nude pics here). Anastasia boobs look too fake and her ass is one non-workout session day from turning into jello. You know, the kind of blubber you rather not mess with.

russiankimkardashian 5

russiankimkardashian 6

russiankimk 6

russiankimk 7

Want to read more juicy gossip about our beloved Kimberly?! You may find this article just as amusing: “Where Is Ray J Now?”

Here is a sample from her Instagram account:
anastasiya kvitko instagram

And a bunch more photos of Anastasia doing the “Kim Selfie”. ¬†ENJOY!

anastasiakvitko14.jpg anastasiakvitko12.jpg anastasiakvitko11.jpg anastasiakvitko10.jpg anastasiakvitko9.jpg anastasiakvitko8-small.jpg anastasiakvitko7.jpg anastasiakvitko6.jpg anastasiakvitko18.jpg anastasiakvitko15.jpg anastasiakvitko17.jpg  anastasiakvitko13.jpg anastasiakvitko5.jpg anastasiakvitko4.jpg anastasiakvitko3.jpg

Where Is Ray J Now?

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Critics of Kim Kardashian give her former lover Ray J a lot of credit for making the bodacious brunette famous (see why here), but loyal fans of Kim know better than to give that B category R&B singer any praise for the reality tv star’s success. If anything, they believe that SHE helped him gain more popularity by just being associated with her. Think about it, Ray J’s only true hit of a song ‘Sexy Can I’ was written for Kim. Plus, where is he now anyway?!

While Kim has been building a gigantic empire of a brand after her name and making millions and millions of dollars, Ray J has been trying to create scams to get attention that have been unsuccessful. People best know him by the lucky dude who got to put it in Kim. He has tried to start beef with Kanye and has even spread rumors about Kim’s vagina smelling bad to acquire publicity. Even with his dirty tricks, the tabloids don’t seem to care about him at all.

In his private life, Ray J is currently engaged to a woman called Princess Love. The two of them are filled with drama and they are constantly fighting, according to their friends. They are both booze-hounds who get in heated fights on a weekly basis they say. Even though they bicker all the time, other sources say they are still going through with the marriage. Sounds like a recipe for divorce!

In our humbly opinion, it seems as if Ray’s life with Princess Love is nothing compared to being with Queen Kardashian. There is no doubt that his life has gone downhill and is still spiraling out of control. While Kimmy is on top of her throne and ruling big events like the Met Gala, Mr. J is seemingly grasping onto the spotlight by tiny threads.

Poor Princess Love is about to get married to a scumbag…

rayj princesslove engaged

Kanye would kill Ray J if it was legal.

rayj kanye west kim kardashian pic

The crew back in the day with Paris Hilton (some people say she is the mastermind behind the infamous tape).

kimk rayj tape 2008

I bet he wishes he could turn back time…

collage-2016-05-10 (1)

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Blac Chyna Is Pregnant With Rob Kardashian’s Baby – Kim Kardashian Approves! Kylie Jenner Unhappy

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As you all know by now, Blac Chyna is pregnant with Rob Kardashian’s baby. The news has created such a whirlwind of drama between the Kardashian and Jenner clan. It’s no news that the Kardashian sistas have been skeptical about Blac dating their little bro because of all the gossip she created with Tyga and Kylie Jenner. They have been trying to break them apart for awhile now, but it seems as if it only made Rob and Chyna stronger.

Although little Kylie is pissed about the situation, Kim is actually being supportive and sweet about it. She even ‘liked’ the photos Rob and Chy have posted over the news. We believe that Kim has been more sympathetic towards the couple because she once had a friendship with Blac when she was dating Tyga. The two would actually hit the gym together and hang out all the time until Tyga cut the cord with Blac.

As you can see from the photos below, the ladies were tight!

kimk blacchyna 3

kimk blacchyna

kimk blacchyna 2

kimk blacchyna 4

kimk blacchyna 7

Hopefully with time Kylie can get over her boyfriend’s drama with his ex and she can focus on being an auntie to the new kiddo who is due in the fall.

In other news, Blac is set to be photographed naked with her belly soon according to sources close to her. They say she’s always wanted to do a photo shoot pregnant.

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Iggy Azalea v. Kim Kardashian Booty Battle – Also, Does Iggy Have A Tape Too?

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Kim Kardashian and Iggy Azalea asses are alway being compared to each other, but the best way to compare bootys is through a yoga pants battle. Let’s be honest, there is no better way to check out a nice curvy bum in tight yoga pants material. MMMM women look deliciously yummy in them.

Here we go… enjoy these huge butt photos! They will have you drooling!

kimkyogapants iggy 4

kimkyogapants iggy 6

kimkyogapants iggy

kimkyogapants iggy 5

kimkyogapants iggy 3

kimkyogapants iggy 7

kimkyogapants iggy 2

kimkyogapants iggy 8

See Kim K’s Most Popular Tumblr Ass Photos Revealed Here

In other Kim K West news, the beauty celebrated Mother’s Day wonderfully in the comfort of her home. Kanye West surprised the mother of two (Saint and North) with a private orchestra. Kim captured the scene through the social media platform Snapchat. The group of musicians played songs like Frozen’s “Let It Go” and Annie’s “Tomorrow. Damn, Kanye kills it every single time in the husband game. He is the most romantic of the romantics.

Well, who do you think has the better ass? Iggy or Kim? We are going to have to side with our queen Kim. In our opinion, her ass is more perky than Iggy’s and the shape is the right kind of round. Let us know what you think!

One more thing, did you know Azalea is also rumored to have a tape like Kim. I guess they have more in common with each other than just their gigantic behinds…. Some sources are saying that she has a video being shopped around from before she was famous. They say that she was struggling for money when she made it, but then backed out of releasing it. As of right now Iggy is denying it all, but you never know if she is lying or telling the truth. I guess we will have to wait and see!

Amber Rose v. Kim K – Who Wore It Best

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Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have more than just Kanye West in common. Both of these women share the same style and curvy bodies that most women wish to have (read details about Kim’s Height, Weight and More here). As you will see from the photos below, they have the same fashion sense because they pretty much wear the same kind of outfits.

Rose and Kardashian who were once enemies because of a bunch of drama that went down, mainly caused by Kim’s hubby Kanye West through twitter. Now the ladies are friends who chat every now and then, according to Rose. Ever since the two met up for tea to hash out their differences these bodacious babes have been on great terms. They even stand up for each other against the media when one of them is getting bashed for using their bodies to get rich.

Amber now displays cloying affection towards Kim every single time she gets interviewed. She acts like they are the best of friends who text all the time. I wonder how Kanye feels about that…

Below we have a collection of pics of the beauties side by side. We have to say, they both look amazing. It is hard to choose which one of them wore the outfit best.






Who do you prefer? Amber or Kim? Let us know in the comment section below. We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on these similarly sexy ladies…

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Kanye West, Kim’s Ass , And The Kardashians Rule The Met Gala That They Were Once Banned From

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The Kardashians were banned from the Met Gala four years ago, but these days they are the center of the Met Gala. The cameras couldn’t get enough of the family who were all decked out in the most stylish dresses and clothing items. As usual, Kim’s booty was a spectacular site in a silver gown and Kanye West is seen admiring his wife’s ass all night.

There were a lot of big celebs in attendance that night. Beyonce and her sister Solange were hanging all night. Of course, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez were attached at the hip the whole evening. Gigi Hadid was trying to avoid Demi Lovato since she is currently on tour with Gigi’s ex, Joe Jonas. Kerry Washington and Emily Blunt were making best on the gender of their babies (both pregos at the moment). Olivia Wilde hung out with the mothers-to-be as well. Every single one of these ladies looked top-knotch in lavish gowns.

Emily Ratajkowski looked fantastic in an elegant black and white gown. We are not sure if she interacted with her new BFF and fellow femnisit Kim. Em and Kim both flourished a friendship after Kim’s twitter drama (you can read about that here).

kim kanye metgala 8

kim kanya metgala 6

kim kanye metgala

kim kanye metgala 2

kim kanye metgala 5

kim kanye metgala 6

kim kanye metgala 7

Isn’t Kanye’s green eyes creepy as hell?! Who convinced him to put those things on. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Did Paris Hilton Convince Kim Kardashian To Make A Tape With Ray J?

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Everyone knows Paris Hilton had a sex video of her own before Kim Kardashian appeared in her life, it was named ‘One Night In Paris’. This has made many people believe that she had something to do with pushing Kim to make a tape with Ray J back in 2008. According to sources, Hilton wanted to make Kardashian as famous as her, therefore she told her a sex scandal with a R&B rapper would get her all the attention she needed. Kim took her advice and made the tape ‘Kim K Superstar’ that was sold to Vivid Entertainment. Well, you know, the rest is history, as well as there frienship…

The end of their infamous friendship began when Paris became viciously jealous when Kardashian’s film became more popular than her’s. She also was pissed that Kim and her whole family were offered millions to make a reality show. She couldn’t handle that overall Kim was now the center of attention and she no longer could control her friendship with her. The two ended up getting in a huge fight and never talking again. How terribly sad.



To Learn More Details About Kim Kardashian’s Rise To Fame…

Emily Ratajkowski And Kim Accused Of Being Anti-Feminist

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Emily Ratajkowski and Kim Kardashian have been accused of being anti-feminist from some harsh critics. Especially after Emily stood up for Kim when she posted a naked photo of herself on twitter. Reports from Independent state the about Em Rata: “She seems to be suffering somewhat of an identity crisis. On one hand she wants to fight against the objectification and oppression of women’s bodies, yet she happily profits from her ability to titillate men.”

Em and Kim K recently got together to shoot this picture above. Em captioned the pic “We are more than just our bodies, but that doesn’t mean we have to be shamed for them or our sexuality. #liberated @kimkardashian.”

As you can see, they are both topless and giving the middle finger as a gesture to “fuck off”. These ladies could give zero fucks about what the media says about them. They will continue to show off their curvy bods while being proud to be women.

The critics might hate their guts, but their followers are supportive of them. They have millions of young women all over the world who share the same sentiment as them about the female movement of being able to share our naked bods without getting crucified for it. GO KIM AND EM RATA!!

Below are some gorgeous pictures of these lovely and strong women who are not afraid to stand up to haters.

emrata kimk 2

emrata kimk 3

emrata kimk 5

As you can tell, Kim isn’t afraid to be nude. Check out all of her naked pics here.

Young Kim Kardashian Is Hot As Hell – TBT

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Kim K is now 35 years old and still looking fine as ever, but have you seen pictures of this woman when she was in her prime? She looked bomb as fuck! This is before she had a couple kids and her bod was in tip top shape – she was tight and damn yummy…

These are some of the sexiest photos of Kim when she was just blossoming into the celebrity goddess who is now known globally by many.







Want to see this honey nude? View some hot photos here.